eZine Article #2: Making your XS Project a Work of Art

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Teri Diaz




Hand Painted Fabrics - 6 Ways To Make Your Cross Stitch Project A Work Of Art

By Teri Diaz

Committing to a cross stitch project is a daunting task. You see a picture of the completed design, and it’s up to you to take it from nothing to a glorious design that will grace your wall or a gift recipient’s for years to come.

You only use the best in cross stitching threads. Anything less wouldn’t be good enough. Yet time after time you use plain white fabric for the background. And yes, it usually does come out looking good when it’s all completed and framed and hanging on your wall. But- think how much better and how much more professional it could look with the perfect piece of hand painted fabric! Below, I’ve listed a few reasons why you should try hand painted fabric:

1. Hand painted fabric comes in a huge variety of colors and, yes, designs. There are a lot of oooh’s and aaaah’s to be had browsing for hand painted fabric. You can start off with a barely-there color, and work your way up to a beautiful tropical sunset!

2. Hand painted fabric can add depth to a design, actually appearing three-dimensional. Some examples: fabric painted like a cloudy sky, a sandy beach, the bottom of the ocean, or a grassy meadow.

3. Hand painted fabric can add to the theme of the design. Some examples: antiqued or distressed colors for antique samplers; sky or cloud colors for fairies; a grassy meadow for a floral design; an ocean scene for mermaids.

4. Hand painted fabric can save you time. Stitching a background that could be hand painted is time-consuming. Time is a precious commodity to us all, and adding hundreds or thousands of little half or whole cross stitches takes a LOT of time that could be better spent!

5. Hand painted fabrics take your design to a new level. Your finished result will look more polished & professional, especially when it is framed. Think of your design as a painting. How many paintings have you seen that have a plain, unadorned white background?

6. Using hand painted fabric shows others that you are imaginative and willing to take risks. It shows that you have creative style and an eye for color and design. The more you use hand painted fabric, the better your design choices will be. Soon you’ll find yourself choosing the design to go with the fabric, not the other way around!

So next time you’re gathering materials for a new project, put down that piece of white Aida or linen, and spend some time browsing hand painted fabrics instead. You won’t be disappointed, and your finished project will be a true work of art!

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