Sunny*Dyes Fabrics for cross stitch are hand painted and hand dyed to order to make your cross stitch project one that is unique to you! 

***PLEASE NOTE:  All fabrics will be hand painted as they appear below. We're glad to accommodate special cuts/special orders...please use the contact form before you order. *Special cuts/special orders are not returnable for any reason!

If you're looking for fabric for a certain design, let us know! We'd be glad to help with fabric size and choice. Also, please check our Ready-Made Fabrics....perfect for those who would like to see the exact fabric they're getting! 

**If you want to change your order in any way, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order.

We use all Zweigart fabrics.

Fabric Sizes/Cuts: Fat Eighth (FE): approx. 13x17. Opal Aida approx. 10x17.

                              Fat Quarter (FQ): approx.17x26. Opal Aida approx. 17x21.

                              Fat Half (FH): approx. 26x36. Opal Aida approx. 21x36.


**Generally, colors will be brighter on Aida and Lugana, and lighter on Cashel and Belfast. This is because Cashel and Belfast are more porous and do not absorb the paint as much as the other fabrics. Dyes, on the other hand, are the opposite, as the linen fabric is more absorbent and thinner than the others. *Our fabrics are painted, not dyed.

Our fabrics are relatively colorfast. Dark and intense colors may run or bleed when washed. Due to government regulations, the chemicals included in paints and dyes to ensure colorfastness were deemed unsafe and were removed, so no fabrics can be completely colorfast. Our fabrics are heat-set which ensures the highest degree of colorfastness. The manufacturer suggests that instead of washing the fabric upon completion of your design, you periodically wash your hands before/while working on your design.


**WHEN CHOOSING FABRIC ORIENTATION: please note: Horizontal (landscape) is long-think of a person lying down. Vertical (portrait) is tall-think of a person standing. If you have any doubts as to which orientation is right for your project, please email us prior to ordering!


**Please check our Low Stock/Out of Stock Fabrics page before ordering! Unfortunately, we can't disable the fabric option for out of stock fabrics, so it will still allow you to order.


***We only stock the most popular fabrics, but would be glad to order any fabric, provided you buy at least 1/2 yard.



Andromeda's sea
from $10.00 Andromeda's sea
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beach sunset
from $10.00 beach sunset
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blazing sunset
from $10.00 blazing sunset
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from $23.00 Christianna
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desert twilight
from $20.00 desert twilight
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dragon night
from $0.00 dragon night
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from $12.00 dream
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from $10.00 enchanted
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faerie dance
from $11.00 faerie dance
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faerie's storm
from $10.00 faerie's storm
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frosty windowpane
from $11.00 frosty windowpane
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from $10.00 hope
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hot hot hot
from $10.00 hot hot hot
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idyllic forest
from $23.00 idyllic forest
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from $10.00 Isolde
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jack o'lantern
from $10.00 jack o'lantern
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majestic sunset
from $10.00 majestic sunset
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from $11.00 moonfire
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mythical sky
from $10.00 mythical sky
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pacific sunset
from $10.00 pacific sunset
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from $11.00 peace
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from $10.00 spookytown
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spring meadow
from $10.00 spring meadow
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spring twilight
from $10.00 spring twilight
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